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    Murphy - Union Hill School District's Mascot          Chrys Dudek - Athletic Director

We believe our mission in athletics is to teach students about the importance of discipline, hard work and commitment. This is accomplished through daily, structured practice with attention to details. The athletic program shall be directed so that the welfare of all students will be the primary concern. Fundamental emphasis shall be placed on the philosophy that athletic activities are an extension of the educational program and are justifiable only to the extent that they are desirable learning experiences. Sportsmanship will be the top priority of Bearcat athletics.  Commitment to fair play, integrity, and genuine empathy for others must be taught and practiced if we are to make a difference.  Athletics should assist in the development of fellowship and goodwill.  Athletics will play an important role in developing a healthy self-image as well as a healthy body.  Athletics will also contribute to school/community spirit and pride. Bearcat Athletics promotes the concept of winning, while inspiring development of athletic skill for 7th and 8th  grade student athletes.  This concept allows successful transition of the student athlete to high school sports.  

As part of the philosophy of Union Hill School to foster and develop the whole child, we are proud to support the wide variety of Bearcat Athletic teams:
Cross Country: Grades 4-8 August - October   Coach: Dominic Albano
Boys Volleyball: Grades 7-8 August - October
Girls Basketball: Grades 7-8 October - December
Boys Basketball: Grades 7-8 January - February
Girls Volleyball: Grades 7-8 February - April
Track and Field: Grades 4-8 March - May    Coach:  Dominic Albano
All students that wish to participate in Union Hill School District Athletics must have a completed athletic packet and athletic permissions on file, and read the athletic handbook. These forms can be found in each student's Parent Portal. Select the button below for access to your parent portal. Select "Forms in the left sidebar. Here you will find the athletic packets titled, " Athletics Student and Parent Agreements" and "Athletic Permissions".