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About Us

old school house graduation class of 1948 students from the 80s

Our History

The Union Hill Elementary School District was established in 1868, with only a few students in a one-room schoolhouse.

Since that time the district has grown to over 700 students which includes the Bearcat Discovery Preschool, TK-6 Elementary Charter School, Union Hill Middle School, and the Bearcat Discovery Program, which is the district’s before and after school program for preschool through eighth grade. The district’s schools are all housed on the same beautiful campus enabling seamless transitions from one school to the next as students progress to eighth grade.  Dedicated and professional staff work closely together to create a cohesive bearcat family and provide a school environment that symbolizes its rich history and tradition.


Union Hill School District has a rich history beginning as a one room school in 1868, and growing into the trademark for excellence in education that it is today. Our district features an outstanding preschool through eighth grade articulated and enriched academic program taught by staff who are devoted to the academic and personal well being of every student; and an acclaimed before and after school extended child care program. Our integrated technology and art programs, band, choir, after school sports program, and the most supportive and productive Parent Teacher Club in the county enhance the high quality student learning in Union Hill School
old union hill school


Every child deserves the best education our schools can provide. We have high standards and expectations for academic achievement and student citizenship. We are an embodiment of the things we believe in. We are dedicated to doing all we can to sustain our “Tradition of Excellence.” We believe that our schools are vital to the preservation of democracy. We are committed to the total development of our students into productive citizens and life-long learners. We are the Union Hill School District.

Our Core Values:

  • We focus on our students. Every conference, meeting, exchange, problem/solution is characterized by the quality of genuine caring about what is best for our students. Our success is measured by the success of our students.
  • We listen, respect, and include each other in our “educational” lives. We work as a team and know that issues often have more than one side. We handle controversy, deliberations, teaching, problem solving and future thinking with real care for the students and each other.
  • We recognize and celebrate the talents and contributions of our staff. We observe and appreciate the hard work of our teachers, support staff, custodians, office personnel, and administrators.
  • We are a welcoming, friendly, and open community. We take pride in our entire learning environment from classrooms and student safety to buildings and grounds. We value our parents and community as essential partners in the learning processes necessary for student success.
  • We are proud of our ability to offer individualized attention and continuity of program to our students in a Pre-school to Eighth Grade setting. We function as an effective school system, a model for what the best in public education can be.

Adopted by the Union Hill School Board, June 2002